MummyNatal Pregnancy Classes & BabyNatal Baby Classes in Wharfedale & North Leeds
MummyNatal Pregnancy Classes & BabyNatal Baby Classes in Wharfedale & North Leeds
MummyNatal Pregnancy & BabyNatal Baby Classes in Otley & North Leeds
MummyNatal Pregnancy & BabyNatal Baby Classes in Otley & North Leeds

Weekly MummyNatal Pregnancy Classes

£50 for 6 x 1-hour classes

Our weekly mums-only classes include:

  • Ways to prepare mentally & physically for birth
  • Birth ball exercise & movement for pregnancy & birth
  • Breathing practice to help keep you calm and focused
  • Encouraging baby into optimum position ready for birth
  • Build a mindset for a positive birthing experience
  • Bonding with baby
  • Mindfulness inspired techniques for labour & birth
  • Learning how to use visualisation & meditations to help you feel calmer and more relaxed
  • Intense sensation exercises
  • Birth education
  • Build your birth confidence
  • Meet other like-minded mums-to-be due in your area


Prepare for the birth YOU want!


MummyNatal is an empowering birth programme, completely in-line with all The Natal Family core ethics and ethos - promoting informed choice, non-judgemental and unbiased education. Classes are suitable from 14 weeks, and whether this is your first or fifth baby! This is a mum-only class, but if you'd like your birth partner to learn how to support you through your birth why not join one of my Natal Birth Workshops?


Everything we do is transferable - it can be used for any birth, in any birthing location, in any situation, and for any woman. The skills you learn can even come in handy after baby is born!

What is unique about MummyNatal is that it is designed to encourage you to trust yourself, your body, and your baby, and to listen to what you need to do, as every birth is individual. Women can feel that they have 'failed' if their birth is not a quiet serene birth, if they didn't use specific techniques which they had been taught, or if they didn't have a specific outcome.


Every week we work on building your own personal 'toolbox', which you can use throughout your pregnancy and birth - movement, breathing practise, visualisations, meditations etc.


Every birth is individual and we help demystify the birth process and options, building your confidence and helping you find your own way to a positive birth experience.

Booking now:

Wednesdays, Aegis Martial Arts Academy, Otley, 8-9pm

Please get in touch to register your interest.


Aegis Martial Arts Academy, 14 Crow Lane Otley LS21 1JH

Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to book a class, complete the Contact Us form or email / call:


07879 274433

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