MummyNatal Pregnancy Classes & BabyNatal Baby Classes in Wharfedale & North Leeds
MummyNatal Pregnancy Classes & BabyNatal Baby Classes in Wharfedale & North Leeds
MummyNatal Pregnancy & BabyNatal Baby Classes in Otley & North Leeds
MummyNatal Pregnancy & BabyNatal Baby Classes in Otley & North Leeds

What are people saying about Bean2Baby classes?

"An emotional last baby massage class with Bean2Baby today. Massive thanks to you Amanda, your class has been fantastic, so worthwhile for us. It's been fab seeing our little babies grow at each and every class since we started when they were a few weeks old. Loved the tips, advice and laughs along the way. Evelyn and I will miss you! Xx

Vicky & Evelyn


Natal Birth Workshop: "I just wanted to say a massive thank you from my husband and I for yesterday's workshop! From feeling reasonably terrified about the whole birthing process I'm now starting to genuinely look forward to it and after yesterday feel like I want to go in and boss it! Very informative and great for my husband too. It has definitely made him more aware and we have not stopped talking about it all day today!"

Sue, Husband & Bump


"Coming to your classes made me realise that there's no such thing as failing in childbirth. It's about being empowered to make the decisions you need to make, whatever they are."

Rachael & Baby


"I really wanted to thank you as I was fortunate to have the most amazing natural birth experience. I was extremely anxious about how I'd cope after having an emergency c section for my first baby and no labour but I'm sure the classes I did with you empowered me to take more control and believe in myself. I managed a natural birth, in the pool with gas and air - we were lucky to have no complications and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, and as 2 children will be our lot I'm so grateful to have has such a positive expereince and now a wonderful memory."

Catherine & Betsy


"Your classes have helped me manage not only with pain, but also stress and anything else life throws at me. The ability to tune into your own breathing and calm your body and mind is something I will always be so grateful to you for." 

Hayley & Bump


"Amanda's BabyNatal Baby Massage class is my favourite class. Eddie and I look forward to it every week. We've been going since Eddie was about 3 weeks old. Amanda creates a positive & supportive environment that encourages everyone to make new friendships, talk & share experiences. I feel that it is not just for my baby but it is also a chance for me to relax & unwind too. Unlike some baby classes I have attended, this class never feels rushed. Amanda allows time at the start for late comers & chat, followed by time at the end of the session to feed your baby. In addition, the massage & sensory aspects of the class are great. Amanda skilfully adapts exercises to match the age of your baby. Some of the massage & songs stay the same, allowing you to learn the routines over time. Every week there is a new sensory activity to stimulate your baby. I would recommend this class to anyone without reservation!"

Hayley & Eddie


“What a pleasurable experience we have had.  My birth was enjoyable. I can hold my head up high and for the third time in my life be extremely proud at what we have achieved. I remain using breathing practise to keep me calm with whatever life throws at me along the way. I’m content within myself and will highly recommend your classes to all who wish to know. Birth is what you make of it and regardless which way that happens being positive from the start helps you to achieve that amazing birthing experience."

Hannah & Enid


BabyNatal Developmental Baby Massage classes: "Highly recommended! Lovely relaxed, friendly class, and a great place to meet other mummy friends. I learnt so much about sitting/standing positions, which have helped my baby develop in a safe and natural way. I loved the singing and signing in the class as it was a lovely way for me to bond with my baby."

Vicky & Thomas 


"I really think everything I learned about the stages of labour helped me to focus, and your classes helped me to use my breathing to get the most from the gas and air, to keep my jaw and shoulders loose and relaxed through contractions, and to use my pain to bear down and push Seb out in response to my own body's urges, making it a fairly chilled delivery. Thanks for all the support in your classes and workshops."

Anna-Lou & Seb


"Had a water birth. I get what you mean by enjoying the last stage. I liked the feeling of her coming through the birth canal. Was a very positive experience overall. Stayed calm, remembered my breathing (most of the time) but the best thing was going in not being afraid. Thanks for your classes."

Michelle & Penny


"The techniques you taught us really helped me get through, my favourite music, smells and pillow helped me to create a relaxed delivery room and the breathing was my lifeline! Mostly though it was the approach, positions and positive thinking that made a difference. Great techniques I would recommend to anyone. Thanks so much!"

Louise, Brian & Amelia



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